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Workout with my little man

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13 Dec Workout with my little man

Workout with my little man.
Yesterday one of my yogis asked if I do any other training than yoga, like lifting weights in a gym?
I don’t, I go out running once in a while, but not as regularly as I’d want to.
Other than that I feel I get all I the workout I need through my yoga practice and if I want to add a little extra I ask my little one to join.
Challanges me both in strength and balance and I feel it’s beautiful getting to share my practice with the person I love most.
It’s a beautiful gift to give to someone, to show by example all the magical, beautiful, amazing things you can do with your body if you prioritize taking care of it 🙏

  • Journey
    Posted at 09:57h, 16 maj Svara

    Heckuva good job. I sure aparicepte it.

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