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Tomorrow is a new month


31 Maj Tomorrow is a new month

Tomorrow is a new month – June – the sixth month of the year, in my part of the world -the northern hemisphere- June is considered the first month of summer. ”The roses flower in June” 

and I have a challenge for you, or perhaps, it is more of a challenge for myself.

This morning I realised just how much I unknowingly use distractions to prevent my mind from travelling deeper. Don’t get me wrong, I do practice what I preach when it comes to yoga and meditation, but lately it occured to me just how often I fill my sparetime with crap. I divert my mind with a cup of coffee just as a habit. Instead of taking some time in complete silence and stillness I turn to a series on netflix, or as the stillness comes settling I suddenly remember this textmessage I forgot to answer, etc. etc. 

So June will be about going deeper, taking away outside distractions such as Netflix, coffee, sugar and flicking through my phone. A time to get rid of bad habits and see what the silence holds for me.

Do you wanna join me? Just let me know, I won’t ask anything from you. If you join, make sure you do it for your own sake. You don’t have to post anything here on instagram to show your progress, I might post some of my ideas and inspiration such as yogaposes or meditations, but see it as an opportunity for you, just knowing someone else is on the same page as you, as me, getting rid of bad habits, clutter and distractions and that we’re doing it together. 🌱🌳❤️

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