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10 Dec Patience..

”The world never turns it’s back on you, you turn your back on the world”

Sometimes I just want to turn my back.
On small things, on big things,  on everything…
This morning I woke up feeling angry, feeling lonely and a bit sad.
I have been single for a while now and I must say I just hate it sometimes.
I hate doing everything on my own like; planning for Christmas, for taking a ski trip, for going to a friends birthday party without a date.
These are all small things, but once in a while they really get to me.
I yearn for another persons arms around me, for laughing out loud at some silly little joke or memory we share, for holding hands on a Sunday walk, or for just going shopping for groceries together.

I hardly ever talk about this, it feels too small I guess, but it’s not small, it’s quite big and important actually. A big huge yearning that can almost eat me at times and I know there are many, many out there who feel the same way and that’s why I figured I’d share this post today. Hopefully it can give help and support to someone who needs it, someone who’s longing the same way I am.
It is ok to long, to feel lonely and sad, but try to put your focus elswhere.

I manage this through meditation, it helps me realise that all is well, everything happens exactly they way it’s supposed to. I may not understand it today, but one day it will all make sense.
It doesn’t matter how many men or women you meet, it has to feel right, it has to be the right one, it has to be some magic and if not magic at least some sparks. If not, you’ll feel even more empty and you’ll just keep yearning and longing and feeling that big emptyness inside you grow.
It’s easy when you’re longing to fall in love with love itself, but I tell my self and I tell you; try to be patient.
The right one will come along and he or she will be worth waiting for.
Don’t turn your back! Focus on the positive things about you and keep your heart open! ❤

Foto: Martin Kjällqvist

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