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Bread cannot be criticized…


22 Mar Bread cannot be criticized…

”Bread cannot be criticized because every mistake is a new creation”

What if we could see ourselves like this. Just imagine life if we let every mistake be a new creation. So beautiful!

Battling a bit right now, both mentally and physically. Last month I started studying, parallell to my ”yoga-job”, to become a therapist. My intention is to help people get to know-, understand- and love themselves better and by doing so, creating better relationships in life. To do this, I’ve had to start with myself. It’s affecting me on every level. Throwing me off balance in every relationship, with myself and with others. I know it will all settle  in the end, but right now, as I’m digging, and I’m digging deep this time, it is hard. Feeling a huge, heavy sadness and pain, so if you are one of the beautiful souls that I have in my life right now, I ask you to bare with me. I wish I could tell you for how long and what the result will be, once I’m back on track, but I don’t know yet. Hopefully the mistakes I make during this shift will turn out as brand new, beautiful creations in the end

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