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A trip down memory lane..


05 Dec A trip down memory lane..

Nostalgic, happy and a little bit teary eyed tonight.
Thinking about love and all it’s forms.
Feeling grateful for all the love I have in my life and all the love I’ve gotten to share and recieve troughout my life so far.

Love between two people is not always easy and we all carry with us a bunch of memories both from dissapointments and from amazing moments filled with light.

For a long time I used to see a broken relationship as a bad thing.
As something where I’d failed. But some time ago I realised that’s not how you need to see it at all.
Look at the good things you had, remember them and take with you the Learnings you’ve made. Don’t waste time on blaming yourself, the circumstances or the other person, that will only keep bringing bad energy into your Life.
Let go and smile at what you got to share, no matter for how long or short a period of time it lasted.

I went to a dinner this friday that brought back many memories and then I had a class the next morning filled with love and sharing. Memories that didn’t necessarily have to do with fridays dinner, or the yogaclass, but through songs, through spoken words and shared memories I was taken back to places filled with laughter, love and feeling safe.
I was also taken back to places where I remember feeling lost, betrayed and lonely.

I really enjoyed the dinner and the class, the company, the laughter and the softness of it all.

My heart tells me I still have places in me that need to heal, I still have many, many songs left in me to sing and there is still some time before I can fully be there, in someone elses life and in someone elses arms again, and at the same time I started thinking about what could have been, had we not ever slipped apart..  🙏
”Du påminner om någon, jag älskade en gång
Jag rinner genom åren, längs en älv som är så lång
Det förflutna hinner upp mej, och jag minns alla svek, jag en gång förlät”
”Om du tror jag bara glömde, eller suddade ut
Nej, jag sparade allt i dolda fack, som jag låst precis som du”
”Vi kunde levt nära himlen, om vi lagt ut korten rätt
Om alla klockor skulle stanna, om inte nu och då fanns
Om du fick önska vad du ville, skulle du då vara någon annanstans
Tillbaks till glömda dagar, och för månens skull
En sista ljudlös dans…”
-Peter Le Marc
Foto: Emma Ekström
  • Chasmine
    Posted at 09:33h, 16 maj Svara

    Ineleligtnce and simplicity – easy to understand how you think.

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