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A girl with messy hair and big Dreams..


07 Sep A girl with messy hair and big Dreams..

Ordinary Life. Who defines what that is?

I’ve had a hard time with this.
I am a dreamer, impulsive, somewhat naive, often far, far away thinking my own thoughts and Always full of Life, full of love and new ideas.
For so many years I’ve tried to change into someone else in order to better fit in to our societys way of defining ordinary Life. But what I’ve tried to change is in fact the very essence of who I am, my biggest strengths.

I am a dreamer and the only thing I need to change is my every day Life in order for it to go along with my Dreams and the way a choose to live.

”A Winner is a dreamer who never gives up” – Nelson Mandela

Be a dreamer. Never give up!
Live the Life you want to live!

📷 Picture by Emma Ekström

  • Taron
    Posted at 09:56h, 16 maj Svara

    Good to see real expertise on display. Your coittnburion is most welcome.

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