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Saltwater heals Everything…

Skärmavbild 2015-09-29 kl. 15.08.42

23 Sep Saltwater heals Everything…

I took my camera and my beach towel and went down to the ocean all alone tonight.

I needed to just be in the healing silence and stillness of mother nature.

Another Beautiful soul just passed from this World to the next. One more victim of cancer, of todays society and of all harmful substances we get into our system through the food we eat, from water we drink, from stress and even from the air we Breathe.

Just look at this Beautiful sunset. We are all a part of this magic. I am, you are, we all are.
No one knows what tomorrow brings so live now!
Live free. Chose differently. Question, Find your truth and dare. Dare to live your Dream!

Rest in Peace you Beautiful you.
All is well, yet hard to understand at times…



  • Marilu
    Posted at 10:19h, 16 maj Svara

    Keep it coming, wrretis, this is good stuff.

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